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Apr 16, 2019 2020 EarthLink Internet Reviews — Earthlink Plans & Pricing Note that EarthLink charges extortionate prices for early termination of a contract, from $90 for DSL, up to an eye-watering $200 for Hyperlink Internet. If there’s any possibility that you’ll be moving home within a year, it’s best to look for a more flexible provider and save yourself the financial hit. EarthLink Review 2020 | Wirefly EarthLink Internet reviews from real users with experience using EarthLink Internet service. Pros and Cons of EarthLink Internet Service at a Glance To EarthLink's credit, it has three plan options when it comes to internet service, which are listed below. The most inexpensive and basic option is the DSL Internet plan, which has speeds of EarthLink Internet Service Providers Review - Pros and Jan 20, 2019

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Feb 02, 2012 · Welcome to EarthLink DSL! Setting Up and Getting Started Check Order Status DSL Hardware Setup Video DSL Modem Setup Email Setup Personal Start Page Setup Home Networking Home Networking FAQ Configure Your Modem Set Up Linksys WRT54G Router Troubleshooting

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Consumer services include broadband internet over DSL, cable or satellite, as well as VoIP phone service, dial-up internet and web hosting. In a bid to bolster its business services, Earthlink previously acquired Deltacom, One Communications, STS Telecom, New Edge Networks. Earthlink previously acquired PeoplePC (2002) and MindSpring (2000). EarthLink : All reviews | DSLReports, ISP Information Cancelled my Verizon 640/90 @ $40 service on 3/5. Ordered Earthlink (Mindspring/Covad) 1.5/384 @ $50 service on 3/6. Got emailed confirmation of order within 48 hours. EarthLink | Internet Service Providers EarthLink is a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) and fiber internet provider offering internet services across 37 states in the U.S. EarthLink Internet plans provide speeds that range between 12 Mbps and 1,000 Mbps. While the DSL internet packages are priced higher than other providers, EarthLink's fiber plan is comparatively more affordable. EarthLink - Dsl Internet Review from Fresno, California Apr 13, 2015