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Dec 20, 2019 HTTP OVER UDP - C3Lab HTTP over UDP: an experimental investigation of QUIC Proc. of 30th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium On Applied Computing (SAC 2015) , Salamanca, Spain, April 2015 ( PDF ) (Slides: PDF ) This paper investigates "Quick UDP Internet Connections"(QUIC), which was proposed by Google in 2012 as a reliable protocol on top of UDP in order to reduce Web Page HTTP over UDP: an Experimental Investigation of QUIC

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to transport HTTP traffic over UDP. W e have compared. the performance of the latest QUIC implementation with. the standard HTTP/1.1 under different netw ork conditions.

The IETF also wants to create a version of HTTP that uses QUIC, previously referred to as HTTP-over-QUIC or HTTP/QUIC. HTTP-over-QUIC isn't, however, HTTP/2 over QUIC; it's a new, updated version

HTTP/3 - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Third Version This version is similar to HTTP/2 in features, and is most different than its predecessor primarily by the fact that HTTP/3 will only be done over QUIC. QUIC is a transfer protocol implemented on top of UDP. While UDP is not a reliable transport, QUIC adds a layer on top of UDP that introduces reliability. What is UDP? | Cloudflare