Bottom line, Unlocator is a legal DNS and VPN service and can be used by anyone who's 18 or older. On the other hand, Unlocator clearly states that it's not responsible if any of its users violate any laws. This means that using Unlocator is legal, but the violation of intellectual property rights, for example, isn't. Final Thoughts

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Anonymous Browsing Hide your real IP when using Unlocator VPN. As soon as you connect to our network your real IP will no longer be publicly seen. Fast Servers The Unlocator VPN network is made up of strategically planned high speed servers in the global data centers around the world. No Logs Unlocator VPN is a log free VPN - for your privacy. Unlocator provides a smart DNS service and primarily focuses on helping users bypass censorship and defeat geo-restrictions worldwide. It has servers in 28 countries worldwide and is great for accessing content from top providers like Hulu and HBO. Unlocator Support Toggle Navigation. Contact; Contact; Smart DNS. Set up guides for devices and routers. How to Setup OS X; How to Setup Windows 10; How to Setup Apple TV; How to set up Amazon Fire TV; How to Setup Android; How to Setup iPhone; How to Set up iPad; How to Setup Samsung TV and Players Questions about and other DNS services that can be used to access geoblocked content. Since all German video on demand platforms suck I looked into getting access to the American Netflix from here. While doing this I came across, an (apparently) Danish DNS service that is (supposedly) in beta and can be used freely