2GB of Bandwidth The premium VPN service allows you to use multiple ciphers, OpenVPN Keys and Configs, Smart DNS, HTTP Proxy servers and unlimited bandwidth, access to 48 Countries.   If you require more then a basic VPN service look into our Premiumservice today.

Free VPN trial, server access in 48 countries, Android VPN, Windows VPN, Mac VPN Blog | VPNSecure.me In this post, we will explore seven reasons why you need a VPN for your online gaming. Let’s dive in. 1. End ISP Bandwidth Throttling Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might be the best in service delivery but when it comes to ensuring … Aug 15, 2019 Tekcompare - VPNSecure review VPNSecure Review – 2020 | BestVPN.org

VPNsecure is a very popular VPN provider in the market. Considering that this is a highly competitive industry this is a great achievement. It can be said that VPNsecure is a provider that cares about the security of its customers, since it has a zero record policy.Although they have had to make a change of location, they have done everything to not compromise their users’ data, which offers

Feb 20, 2018 · With less than a megabit of upload speed, even small file transfers to the cloud will crawl along slower than a tortoise. To sum up the results of the speed test, the latency was low, the download rates were fair, but the upload rate was rather poor. Get VPNSecure. Apr 12, 2019 · The bandwidth is limited – 2 GB is allowed for free. Still, I believe that the provider is rather generous as its users can save money on using VPNSecure free of charge for 5 weeks . VPNSecure works for Netflix and torrenting

VPNSecure utilizes both 128-bit and 256-Bit AES encryptions. This means that there are so many possible combinations that no brute-force hacker would even attempt to try. As of today, even the world’s fastest supercomputer would take over a million years before it could get through that level of encryption.

Dec 09, 2019 · VPNSecure is a zero-logs provider with decent security and privacy specs on the one side, and no bandwidth or switching limits on the other. They allow P2P and support a broad range of devices.