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Why Cant We Use Facebook In China? - Street Articles The ability to use Facebook in China is coming under threat. I know, for the past three years we've been unable to use Facebook in China without first connecting to a VPN or proxy server, but now, even those have come under threat. Facebook - Banned! 11 things you won't find in China May 23, 2016 How to Access Facebook in China - VPN PICKS

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The best way to access Facebook in China on LG phone is to use VPN service which can help you get around Chinese internet censorship. VPN is a secure and encrypted network, created over the public internet connection to enable the users hide their identity over the worldwide web. how can i use facebook in china? | Yahoo Answers

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How to Access Facebook In China | Travel Tech - Lonely You can try the tips written up in this blog post which explain how to access Facebook in China. It's impossible to unblock Facebook without some kind of service. The free trade zone in Shanghai was going to be Facebook friendly, however that's off the chapter now as well.