Here you will find all our Viking pins and brooches for securing reenactment clothing or even accenting modern day outfits. Shop our penannular pin sets, Viking cloak pins, Norse mythology brooches, brooch sets for Viking apron dresses, and more all in this Viking jewelry category.

The brooch has been a part of Scottish and Irish clothing since the Middle Ages. Once used for clasping shut a great kilt, cloak, shawl or ruana, now they are used both functionally and purely for decoration. The same brooch you wear with your wedding day tartan sash can be worn on a jacket lapel or to close your knit shawl on a windy autumn For any Cloak, a specific brooch must be acquired. For example, upon reaching level 75, all players can complete the cloak tutorial to obtain a brooch for an Adventurer’s Cloak. Other cloaks, like the Cloak of Red Destruction, require party dungeon runs to obtain the brooch. Some cloaks can only be obtained from shop purchases. The other method of fastening for the mantle or cloak is a large jewelled brooch or pair of brooches. These were often highly ornate and costly but were not a part of the cloak per se, this is, they were not stitched on and were removable although it was likely that they were used for the purpose of closing the cloak alone and not for anything Brooch Ethnic Shawl Coat Cloak Pins Chic Ancient Norse Viking Pin Badge Jewelry . $6.59. 6 left. Medieval Retro Pennanular Brooch Belt Buckles Clasp Cloak Pin Viking Hicarer 6 Pieces Vintage Viking Brooches Cloak Pins Scarf Shawl Buckle Clasp Pin Brooch Penannular Brooch for Men Women Costume Accessory, Antique Silver and Rose Gold 4.4 out of 5 stars 50 £9.99 £ 9 . 99

The 2 Brooches that holds Dr Strange's movie cloak.

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Medieval Viking Brooch Pins - Vintage Norse Cloak Pins for Women Men - Viking Sliver Shawl Pin Brooch - Viking Fibula Penannular Brooch 1.5 out of 5 stars 2 $6.96 $ 6 . 96

Handcrafted Celtic Cloak Brooch $ 124.30 This brooch is hand crafted in Ireland, using only a select range of hand-tools to create each piece. This brooch is handcrafted in alpaca silver,polished & laquered to prevent tarnishing,it is decorated with black oynx semi precious stones also.