Jun 16, 2020

Slick VPN's Help and Support to resolve questions Slick VPN's Help and Support to resolve questions and provide information and resources to use our service and take advantage of all our features. Frequently Asked Questions about SlickVPN If you can, try to connect to a server that is close to where you are located and is close to whichever website you are trying to connect to. OpenVPN protocols may be a bit slower than PPTP protocols because of their added security. Of course, you can always try to connect to a different server or use protocol to see if that helps with speed. SlickVPN no longer connecting · Issue #379 · haugene Jan 03, 2018

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SlickVPN Review - VPN Fan

Jun 27, 2015

You can check the logs for successful connection messages; If you are not interested in SlickVPN, have a look at this detailed guide on the best VPNs for Android. SlickVPN iOS. Just like on Android, you will have to configure SlickVPN on iOS devices manually. This service supports OpenVPN and IPsec protocol for iOS devices. SlickVPN review | TechRadar Jun 16, 2020