the Concentrator will be used for Anyconnect clients and other remote sites using other ASA appliances for connectivity. (The reason for this type of config is b/c the Meraki's VPN solution is not as good and is not compatible with Anyconnect.)

GitHub - gammacapricorni/happy-meraki-client-vpn Better Meraki Client VPN. PowerShell scripts for setting up Meraki Client VPN on Windows 10. Windows 10 doesn't like to play nice with the Meraki client VPN, especially when following Meraki's own setup instructions. These scripts attempt to: Pre-emptively fix issues with NAT-Traversal. Commonly pops up when clients use cellphone hotspots. Integrating with Cisco VPN Concentrators - Cisco Mar 09, 2015

Mar 31, 2020

Aug 04, 2016 What is a VPN Concentrator? | VPNpro Cisco Meraki VPN concentrator. This is one of the most popular concentrators. It is very effective for large companies that require a very large network of remote employees and clients. If your VPNs require little complexity to deploy, this is the perfect option. However, this concentrator is weak when using LT2P over IPSec during user-to-site

Dec 15, 2017

The VPN concentrator will reach out to the remote sites using this port, creating a stateful flow mapping in the upstream firewall that will also allow traffic initiated from the remote side through to the VPN concentrator without the need for a separate inbound firewall … SSID Tunneling and Layer 3 Roaming - VPN - Cisco Meraki