Configuring IP Forwarding Policies

Simple port forwarding - Ask Ubuntu If you have iptables installed on, I think this will be pretty straightforward: iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -j DNAT -d -p tcp --dport 29418 --to This says to send traffic coming in to on port 29418 over to instead, on the same port, prior to any other routing that might try to do. How to Write iptables Rules for IPv6 - Aug 03, 2017 How To Masquerade On Linux (Internet Connection Sharing)

Iptables command - DD-WRT Wiki

7.4. FORWARD and NAT Rules Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 To prevent this, iptables provides routing and forwarding policies that can be implemented to prevent aberrant usage of network resources. The FORWARD policy allows an administrator to control where packets can be routed within a LAN. For example, to allow forwarding for the entire LAN (assuming the firewall/gateway is assigned an internal IP linux - How can I port forward with iptables? - Server Fault 2) Add 2 iptables rules to forward a specific TCP port: To rewrite the destination IP of the packet (and back in the reply packet): iptables -A PREROUTING -t nat -p tcp -i ppp0 --dport 8001 -j DNAT --to-destination To rewrite the source IP of the packet to the IP of the gateway (and back in the reply packet):

Simple Stateful Load Balancer with iptables and NAT

How to enable IP Forwarding in Linux · MD/Blog Aug 01, 2006 How To Set Up a Firewall Using Iptables on Ubuntu 14.04